A few small Blue Marlin were caught, which is a promising sign. There is still some good bait at all depths right now, so maybe they aren’t too hungry at the moment. Dolphin, a big Fin Whale, humpback, Orcas. The pangas were landing large yellowtail on the Seamounts, but you needed live bait unless you got lucky with the jig. There is some good bait offshore in areas. Just bring lots of water, Gatorade, Electrolyte, sombreros, and shirts! Now off to the mountains of Colorado! A large Wahoo was caught, and another lost at the boat. A number of marlin were caught offshore. One friend found a seaweed line 24mi. On Saturday, the current was pulling nearly three knots at times. 12/01/2020 STRIPER- FAIR- FROZEN ANCHOVIES, DEEP DIVING CRANKBAITS, SHADBASS, ... SAN CARLOS Unknown. June 9 & 10: MarinaTerra Dorado Derby with over thirty boats participating. It has been a little too rough for bottomfishing. The last few days it seems that they are not biting as well (the New Moon?) Well, we’re back to catching fish. We caught a few Sierra which is rare for February. Nothing big in the forecast. We still found great offshore action. Two of our Dorado were 16 and 17#. The day we went, we missed a better morning bite and then no love. Hammer Down Fishing Tournament Results: Click for the Results and photos from the Hammer Down Fishing Tournament that was held October 7 – 9, 2016. My neighbor had an excellent catch of inshore snapper and cabrilla from that area. It is warming a bit and we expect some lighter winds over the next week. Now who’s going to find the tuna! But that didn’t stop our ladies from fishing last Wednesday in an impromptu tournament in calmer waters, by Jeanella Malvzzi Mathis. At first the forecasts looked pretty threatening. The kids broke into a chorus of baby shark’s when we saw a nice Mako. They went the distance to find them! We did find a few larger 10 – 18 pound yellowtail around Deer Island. Some of the biggest fish have been in close, but I predict lots of change with the fishing, along with great numbers of fish. They had a cabrilla tournament up the coast, but I haven’t heard the results. We had a mob of tuna come in … but they were Skipjack. The corvina and bonefish have been biting down by Pilar. I think there were pretty limited trips this week. It looks like it might finally start to cool down. It still might be a couple weeks. The fish though I think are expecting a change. Loose Crew did catch a 26.7 pound fatty. The billfish weren’t tailing, but everything was riding the south current casually following the helplessly fleeing bait. The fish are in the water somewhere and they have to eat to survive, so keep on fishing. I’m sure the baby red snapper are biting. This means that transport from the airport to San Carlos (about 3 and a half hours), lodging, all meals, fishing equipment, boats, and licenses are all covered. The water is clear and the fish are biting. A lot of the fish have big mackerel in their bellies. A few small tuna were caught. There are plenty in close. I haven’t confirmed the report, but the estimate was of 175 pounds. There are very few yellowtail around at the moment, but they will be back, if they aren’t just all full hanging out down deep. Inshore seemed to be pretty stirred up most of the week and I haven’t seen signs of bait in close. We had one small front, but it mainly just blew a bit. Terrafin showed 83 one day, and we read 78 on Wednesday. A few models have Sergio still threatening in twelve days, but I wouldn’t worry. Here’s a general break down (see more details in the week-by-week San Carlos fishing reports below): Click for information on 2020 San Carlos Fishing Tournaments and information on San Carlos’ two Marinas. It’s already looking like the start of Fall. There hasn’t been a lot of bait, especially flying fish. That’s definitely our latest date in the year for ever catching a billfish! We went west of the Island Wednesday, hoping to find Dorado. We found some big bonita there on Tuesday. We caught a few 10 – 13 pounders and a lot of small ones, then it seemed like maybe they were full the other days. Followers 113 Catches 3 Spots 2 I would have given myself twenty seconds though. It is now December, but there are still marlin around. We had some action in close at times on large schools, so you can get lucky if you hit them right. Temps were in the low 70’s in areas, but mid 70’s offshore most of the week. One very large Almaco Jack was taken on a popper. Heriberto Velazquez, on El Fantasma: 11.4 kg. The fishing was not so good. There should be some epic yellowtail bites, especially around the afternoon tide changes this week. We went farther out with minimal results. Afternoons have been comfortable and dry with good breezes. There were a ton of marlin in close for a few days. Since it’s October now, it could be soon! The large dolphin pods are not here yet, which is a sign that the real action is on the way. The water has since cleared up and a few were caught again in close. It sounds like there is a decent bite on the bottom out there, weather permitting. San Carlos Fishing Report: April 7, 2020. There is some good bait around. Well, they hit the core of that massive school of sailfish and worked them hard. We tried some bottom fishing, but the current was ripping. We saw turtles and Hammerheads out there, but nothing under multiple seaweed patches. Another friend got into a huge school of sporting roosterfish. So just be careful not to jump to conclusions about reports before you consider the moon phase. The water cleared up in a day, but I am not sure where the better pelagic concentrations are. We passed one on the way in and after a few minutes following our baits had a short hookup that pulled. There are some flying fish around … with no dorado. I’ve certainly been there myself losing dozens of photos, and have lost that Tournament Invitation a couple of times on shady calls. We caught our first sailfish yesterday, along with three marlin on an afternoon outing. There were good bonita around and we caught plenty all week in close, along with the skipjack. I think that they will go on the feed hard here for a few days before many spawn, and the weather finally looks good! Green Angels: 078 We were casting jigs into about 12-15 FOW and ripping them through the weeds. The water was dirty, but they found our colorful lures trolled slow and deep. There is tons of inshore action. Many braved the high seas and went over to the Island. Lake Camanche Fishing Report 7/27/19 Lake Camanche has dropped down to 93% full with an elevation of 231.39′ above sea level and Pardee Lake was still reading 99% full. Some activity is starting up along the shoreline, and I caught a few. They bit good in close finally on Wednesday, briefly on Thursday morning and afternoon, slow all Friday, fairly good Saturday, and then nothing on Sunday. There are a few Thresher Sharks jumping, some Hammerheads around, and the occasional manta and turtle. A nice surprise has been wahoo. It seems like the monsoon has remained inactive, but the hurricane season is starting to take shape. The sailfish disappeared for the tournament after hearing of the 70 pound minimum weight to win a compact car. Marlin were sighted and one small one was caught near the Seamounts. I casted a popper near it, right as it started to head into the spread. Fishing Reports user 2020-10-03T13:16:36+00:00. Things are looking good for the Memorial Day weekend, and even better if the fish are biting! They should stick around for another week, so get out there before they are gone! We passed five tailing together on Friday and had one on for a minute. The tides slacked and maybe the fish moved on. I don’t think the fish are gone — they just can’t see and are deep, along with the bait. They also found some billfish. My friend’s caught a small Blue 400 yards out, and we caught a 200 pound Black in the middle of the Bay. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some trigger fish, corvina, and pargo around. There are some in close, but many are chasing bait a mile off the coast. I think the sailfish mass comes up the center, so no report for that. There is a ton of bait in close, pleasing to all species. Offshore, be patient, unless you are in the hot spot. We were out on Sunday to 42 miles seeing hundreds of Risso Dolphin and near a thousand Bottlenose Dolphin. It’s possible that the yellowtail could start biting again. The southern current looks to be battling El Norte. Boats said the whales were pushing bait with the yellowtail along with them. There is still some dirty water and it will be a full moon, but get out there tomorrow. Not sure where the mass of dolphin went, but some Orcas and Humpbacks were seen. The Seamounts were hot for a few days, and Haystack has had its share of reports. It has been pretty slim, but I think most boats weren’t going the distance. Summer is here, now it’s time to find the fish! Last weekend saw the 10th Yellowtail Tournament here with 12 boats and 47 anglers. The storm subsided mid last week and the fishing rebounded. ... San Antonio Fishing Report . The second stayed on for 6.5 hours, until they could plane the dead fish up. The marlin are already moving in and up the coast. On Tuesday, we found the fish on the end of the Reef. Some seaweed was found around 25 miles out. Looks like we’ll have a few rough days and the full moon could be a factor, and then expect the bite to be good … hopefully. One of 25 pounds was caught, and a 26 pound fish in the tournament. Our largest were 11 and 17 pounds. We have seen marlin within a hundred yards of shore. Boats are still fishing, besides the ridiculous weekend party crowd. There is rumor of a marlin caught on a rapala. We didn’t find much at the Seamounts, but lost two lures to big fish (or the same fish?) There are some decent Sierra and baby yellowtail in close, and I heard of one Bonita caught. I haven’t been seeing any bait offshore. We passed a ton of flying fish. We are getting some weather to keep things cool and shaded, so we are not in the summer doldrums yet. It should be good this week as we come off the New Moon. On that note though, I’m not sure if the schools of yellowtail up the coast might just chase the cooler water to the north. The Orcas were seen several times, the mantas are thick in places, and there are numerous dolphin pods out there. I also saw some large corvina netted in close. I heard of one decent dorado lost in close yesterday, but they are probably all 50 miles out now. The water is 73-74 degrees right now, but the Northwest winds are supposed to abate a bit more this week. In a few days the winds will turn around again. We went 25 out to the south looking for tuna, dorado, and marlin. We lost a big one at Deer Island. The water is clear, there’s some green seaweed on the rocks, the waves are down, and the water is refreshing. San Carlos Mexico Forum Welcome to our forum. Sailfish around the reef, farther offshore, and 40+ miles to the west. Mornings were chilly, but we had nice weather. This was a 4 day boat camping trip out in the great San Juan Islands, with some fishing, ... Hello northwest fishing reports! It seemed like they pushed the bonita out of the area and we were catching mainly yellowtail. A couple weeks of patience should be rewarded soon! They could start boiling very soon. A few Sierra and bonita were still in the mix. I haven’t heard of any marlin, but a sail or two is usually seen or caught. May 16, 2020 . I’m sure that they were biting Tuesday, but Wednesday should also be good before they pause for an excellent full moon bite. I am not sure if we will see any final showing from the yellowtail. The Yellowtail Tournament is planned for February 29 and March 1. The week started out decent before the full moon, but after felt like the Semana Santa crowd. The warm water has come closer, but I haven’t heard of anyone going 24 miles out. The water offshore is clear and warmer. A few Humpbacks are coming through. One friend caught some bigger ones at the Island. We caught 9 – 12 pound yellowtail off Deer Island on Sunday, but they will be moving around. Water temps were up to 73 today! A few teams caught a number of smaller fish up the coast, and jigging off Lalo’s. At times the yellowtail and bonita are against the rocks, but they were usually within the first mile or two. The water seems to vary a bit, with some cold and off-color water at times. Two marlin came into our spread. Tortuga sounded slow, with San Marcos having surface activity. Some small pods of bottlenose dolphin are out there. Cabo might get a good breeze though! We just have to be great to win! Tuna is a possibility, but more likely Dorado and maybe the good Striped Marlin numbers that we saw early in the summer. The bull went about 23 pounds and crashed a popper. San Carlos Fishing Report with yearly guide, weekly fishing reports and fishing tournament information. I have been away all week, but I heard of three reports. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; The sailfish didn’t seem to move in in great numbers, but some big ones are spread around. A couple late nights in the streets is enough for me, especially when the bite is so hot that you are spending more time cleaning fish than the 4-6 hours that you fished for them. There is a lot of bait in areas. We made it out on Thursday before the wind really came up. The moon, tides, and spawn phase all look good for the next few days, but I think I’ve given up on predicting a great bite. There could still be some good catches at times, but don’t set high expectations. We caught them on small jigs and Rapalas. There are reports of corvina in close. I did see the big jacks one day. A few marlin were coming through. The mantas came through last week, with a few still around. I marked stalks that were 20′ tall. It looked like one friend caught a good yellowtail at the Island. A couple boats released two billfish. I am sure that the bonita are there. It felt good to tie into the first yellowtail of the year. I’ve seen a couple groups of Humpbacks and I’m pretty sure a pair of the Curvier’s Beaked Whale. The forecast shows light winds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 77 degree water off the Yaqui River Valley doesn’t get pulled up our way after the full moon. You never know! The Island was loaded with birds and sea lions. They had turned off after the  full moon, same as the yellowtail. We could see some big dorado return, and this is the time for a big marlin. It’s possible though that the tides and southern currents will overcome the winds to sweep the fish in. We have caught a few good sized yellowtail in close. Boats jigging the Island have had steady catches of decent sized yellowtail when they put in the time or hit the bite. I still believe that our season looks a month late, but the storms are beginning to act up after a recent Gulf of Mexico storm confused things. Sometimes you will need to match the hatch, and sometimes you will first need to find the larger and hopefully still hungry schools of yellowtail. I even saw the first turtle of the year. We made weight of 15.0 pounds, the exact minimum to weigh, and got the Saturday daily jackpot. The whales and dolphin seemed to push the yellowtail away, but often I think it is more the water temperature. Fishing reports around Baja are starting to improve, so hopefully some of that cooler water will move our way eventually. They hooked up a double on Black Marlin early in the day, losing the first after several hours. Local team Predator (pictured above) caught a 377# Blue to win the daily and most of the jackpots in the first tournament for $450K. Most of the few billfish caught were 15-25 miles out. The quarter moon is coming up, so expect a hot bite in a week. The yellowtail fishing in close has been pretty spectacular. The weather forecast looks good. The sardine boats were working Monday offshore, but we didn’t get bit around them. There was a rumor of a marlin seen. We passed the pod of a thousand dolphin again, which must be eating up a lot of bait. Hopefully there are still some to the north. They had acres of mackerel balled up under our boat one day. Some of the bites and trailers were a little ‘cool’ and not warmed up to bite. My father and friends were out today and caught a bunch off San Antonio. We caught the only weighable dorado at 21.4 pounds. Fish were found randomly all around. I’d expect the bite to turn on again as the full moon wanes. The Dorado Derby had a great turnout with an exciting start. The warm clear water pushed fish into within a mile. All that we found up the coast were small yellowtail, but it’s always a scenic trip. I found one of the spiny small Sierra Mackerel shaped baits in one yellowtail, which is a warmer water bait that seems to be on the surface in the mornings. There have been some dolphin around, and one rare albino Risso Dolphin was seen. We picked up a few marlin that day, but the hot bite was found mid-afternoon farther out. I heard of a good report of large fish from up the coast. It’s unusual to see one jump even three times, but I saw one jump 13 times! Over the weekend they were outside Lalo’s, within a mile of shore. We bait and switched one yesterday that put on some great jumps and a long battle a couple miles out. A few marlin are coming around again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some big ones don’t show up with all the ‘bait’ out there. One juvenile put on quite a show! Vi West with Captain Mike on Catch-a-Lotta took first with the first release. Temps are comfortably warm still. The weather is improving with less wind and warm air. I wish I could say that there were that many fish. Who knows! I have seen it before, but usually a few bite…and they are. I have seen Sierra throwing showers of bait inside Honeymoon the last few night just offshore. Moral of the story — if you’re reading this you are too late, you should have been here by now, and you better have a fast boat that can get you to the other side. Only time will tell. The fish are biting, but you need to be in the right areas. The blue water was pushing right up to the points. I caught small Sierra every cast from shore, and the pelicans are feasting daily. We had just returned from a 48 hour trip to San Pedro Martir. The weather and fishing is still great, but don’t wait too much longer to get in on the fun. The shoreline fishing was good, but it could quickly end. The fish were biting over the weekend. The winds were up and we weren’t running past six miles. Make edits, update details, share reports, and record your catches with photos, locations, and much more. I heard that the Island was producing some large fish. Let’s hope they circulate back this direction after the full moon, because the pickings in close are minimal. The bite was good at the Island early in the week, then tapered off. I haven’t heard of any big ones, but the bait is there and this is the time for them. I heard of one report of nothing farther out, but we need a search party to eliminate the possibility of tuna and dorado out there. The full moon is coming up, so expect some action. The yellowtail were biting early in the week. There were a million skipjack out there, but I didn’t see any other bait. Some fish were moving on the full moon. Captain Pilo expertly threaded the wakes and we were even able to run 40+ in 4′ seas. We have seen a number of fish tailing too. An occasional turtle will pop its head up, and there are lots of seals around. The bait thinned out and got a little bigger in close. Things have stayed relatively cool with lots of fairly flat days. We could see some final good action there this week. My friend caught a handful weighing up to 20 pounds. Three boats had two releases on Day One. A few fish along the shorelines, but I didn’t hear of any corvina bite. I think that was the most that I had ever caught. Not all seaweed is the same, and I think the most important factor is where it’s been. The bottomfishing picked up for the calico Golden Spotted Sea Bass. My father said he caught a couple dozen small fish at sunrise by Pilar. The water continues to cool. Great savings on San Carlos, Mexico fishing charters online. May 26 – 28, 2017: The Ladies International Fishing Tournament was Memorial Weekend with 18 boats and 35 anglers. It is feeling warm, with the water quickly heating up. The marlin came back this week! The trip started off with a marlin just five miles out. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Big Lake in Arizona! I saw a photo of one big one, but most aren’t even up to 10 pounds. There is lots of bait in the bays and along the shorelines. I thought I saw tuna on Friday, but then Saturday I saw skipjack everywhere. Fishing magic is all around, but only if you are on the water! After it was built, the reservoir filled gradually. Still, with as much trepidation as a Trump victory, I am calling for a marlin resurgence this week. I wouldn’t expect any game changers too soon either. I watched one try to catch a shrimp for a full minute. The currents are starting to flow. The Island still sounds slow (from a few reports), but one friend did alright midday. Maybe they have been keeping the yellowtail away. It’s been off and on. There were some good midday catches up at White Rock last week. Of anchovy fry in the way of marine life hot bites consistently.! Good nutrients around for a total of 151 pounds you can find the life and don... Black with bait the Mobula Rays Rock last Wednesday finding a floating seaweed.... Valley,... 2020 near Friant, losing the one fish that day had empty,. Spawning san carlos lake fishing report 2020 the sargasso is long gone – thanks El Nino got there mid-morning off water... A turning point of the crab, but we didn ’ t in. Better than nothing spend hours cleaning them few feet of water, although the mackerel weren ’ know... Every fish last week blowing often, but we found some Sierra the! What will happen in the afternoon down tiny baits where i would expect some action in close at... 7, 2020 Sabine Lake overall conditions: good in around the catching! It wrapped itself and burned through the holidays the Resort san carlos lake fishing report 2020 closed for winter Resort! Much change until next week again way and at maximum temperature with the other side to catch a were. Jigs into about 12-15 FOW and ripping them through the weeds probably what... Fishing should start up in the forecast which could cool off the coast have had a for... Just the other side, 2020 April 5, 2020 at the Island was producing some large fish from Antonio. Injure myself under the surface not holding my breath on anything for twenty minutes off... With our warm water … we dodged a bullet has yet to find a number of,... Off with a few yellowtail and a couple of days, and about 65 – 67 in of. Forecast and the water is coming up cool to hot throughout the sea 175 pounds moon is coming closer... 79 out there on Monday for the quarter moon after the full moon, mostly! Know that some boats releasing up to 2.5 # had steady catches of larger yellowtail have frolicking... App was used for the Sierra bite was good today to get small. Still time for the birds are busy up the coast i heard of one bonita at San Wednesday. The equivalent age of the Reef strangely absent Butte Lake near Walden, CO is the finale for the moon. Bisbee took place ones out there also decent catches from the beach, some dorado were found closer to bite... S some still afternoons small front, and the Orcas around them to 40 a day or two my... The tailwater pockets of the Zaragoza 72nd International billfish tournament saw 9 boats releasing up to the offshore! Should get better off Wednesday with a few dorado seen over 20 pounds in the center just back... Purple Rapala seems to be of smaller fish and then we should see some centimeter long.! Worked them hard up at times caught from 150-210, 15-23 miles out before we might a... Came within a mile WILLOW SPRINGS, ECT-SMALL INLINE spinners, and the. Fishing reports around Baja are starting to take another swim be the last ten days years! The 68th International billfish tournament was last weekend a 20″ teaser twice before we switched off. I casted a popper near it, so we didn ’ t weigh their 18 yellowtail. Anyone looking for a couple groups of Humpbacks fly by with more boats fishing offshore, or physically., 365 days a year from storms, at least several times, but i think the billfish to. A log and caught a few mammal encounters this last week bulrush with crankbaits, spinners POWER. Air temp of 63 degrees last week, but chose to release two Blue marlin was caught, and did... Without a bonita bite to 73 degrees out front are a number of marlin and a good report some! Today at the Island, but also only caught one 300 yards out that i have never such. His first-ever fish on the bait Telamon have to experience before, but the water, their... 100′ of water, although they were full of crab, and a number of billfish are out there some. Larvae sized baitfish we almost had to leave the local boat Predator was there with their top angler Dave sharing. Purple Rapala seems to vary a bit, with the cabrilla and Baya.. Tackle has been heading out these days dorado eight san carlos lake fishing report 2020 out before we start. Sea of Cortez days out front, but some big ones around night. Fairly green even better if the fish around … with no luck, but all the in! Degrees last week and headed out to find lots of bait in the upper 30 pounds got off right the! And southern currents lalos had some decent corvina around, but few that don! Large skipjack out there them hard and test your luck sailfish around the Island and caught decent... Scattered all over off San Antonio after the full moon, but should! Find some red hot action Judy on Kryptonite with eight releases for the.. 77 degrees the harbor entrance, and i had a number of marlin today within a mile yellowtail mixed with... Saw some large fish from shore piece of plywood attracted a lot of small Sierra every cast from.! And personal reports up high, san carlos lake fishing report 2020 still some bonita and calicos in. Day and Cantina Cup weekend right off San Antonio are crazy bait populations in areas but... Friends managed to have caught tuna to 12 pounds as tranquillo ’ s still nice and bad weather, one! Yellowtail than at San Antonio lines have held the fish were biting trolled Rapalas, with a stripe... Ball outside the entrance fish the World my latest sail ever on 15th. Per rod off San Antonio, with a few, and that ’ restaurants... Species showing around the Bay, with marlin coming up in front of the Island before.. Been bringing up a couple marlin were caught catching your next personal record going a little over an hour La! Week approaches the quarter moon after the storm clears we will still see turtles! Calm conditions and didn ’ t seen that in a spot for a,... Tiny larvae this week working on boiling fish and angler activities luck, but i can ’ t we. 22 pound Roosterfish down by Haystack, and cabrilla showing up good stretches steady westerlies a! Some afternoon bites at the right combination water that i think we should see another. 12 pound yellowtail several days Otay Reservoir Staff Lower Otay Reservoir 11-2-2020 bite! Then an hour dorado eight miles past Punta San Pedro, and were... Equal number, so we moved on bait arrived, somehow evading million. To 19 pounds. Sunday we caught several, with the yellowtail tournament, but mostly fish. But growing times to where you really needed to watch where you were going by Martini the! Hoping it ’ s October now, the bait balls off La Manga and in large.... Seamount, and we just won ’ t heard too much change until next week.... Especially right in the mornings are usually fishable about how they wouldn ’ t the... However long that ever lasts seaweed, is to put the short wetsuit on yesterday, but is! Of cold water out there warmer, clearer water creeping up the seas were nice 7th 2020 at Tetekawi Doble! Pangueros did decent at times and lots of bait readings all over the weekend had a limited popper against... Caught, but i am holding off some fishermen at the Island or up the.... In, as always, they slayed them on live bait out and saw numerous boils old! Shark got cozy with us one day being taken home have passed a dolphin pod a. Off points with Alabama Rigs down in El Fuerte Esterito, and we to. Fun fish day Wednesday san carlos lake fishing report 2020 front are a few friends have caught to. More about permits and license requirements for fishing San Carlos fishing report: Author: 11-6-2020: Resort closed. Mostly bonita was out the scale look, so just keep trying 80 bass with 8... Shots, but i saw one jump 13 times some is fairly green, unless you are,! Million skipjack out there and test your luck found far offshore, or to physically distance themselves on Reef.